Muay Thai Coach

Will Roth

Coach Will Roth is a highly experienced Muay Thai coach with a passion for the sport that has spanned over 11 years. Despite the challenges of relocating multiple times due to his Army job, Coach Roth has managed to train at several gyms across the United States, honing his skills and expertise along the way.

Throughout his Muay Thai journey, Coach Roth’s determination to excel has taken him beyond American borders. He has traveled to the world-renowned Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand on two separate occasions, immersing himself in the art and culture of Muay Thai to ensure his progression as a Nak Muay. The invaluable experience gained from training at one of Thailand’s top Muay Thai gyms has further enhanced his coaching abilities.

While being deeply committed to Muay Thai, Coach Roth also continues to serve in the Army, currently stationed at the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Natick, MA. With an impressive 19 years of service to his name, he is a dedicated soldier who consistently strives to excel both in his military career and in his passion for Muay Thai.

Coach Roth’s long-term aspiration is to retire from the Army and redirect his focus entirely on Muay Thai. His commitment to the sport and the community is evident in his unwavering dedication, and he hopes to channel his extensive knowledge and experience into inspiring current and future generations of Muay Thai enthusiasts.


As a coach, Coach Roth embodies discipline, persistence, and an unwavering work ethic. With his innate ability to motivate and guide his students, he creates an empowering training environment that fosters personal growth and pushes individuals to reach their full potential. His comprehensive understanding of the sport ensures that he can cater to the needs of students of all levels, from beginners to advanced and adults or kids Muay Thai practitioners.

Coach Roth’s impact extends beyond mere physical training; he believes in instilling core values such as respect, integrity, and resilience in his students. Through his coaching, he aims to not only develop exceptional Muay Thai skills but also cultivate well-rounded individuals who exhibit these traits both inside and outside Brazilian Top Team Westford.

With Coach Will Roth’s extensive Muay Thai experience, military background, and unwavering dedication, he is a remarkable coach and mentor who inspires and cultivates a strong sense of community within the world of Muay Thai. At BTT Westford are happy to have Coach Will as our Muay Thai Head Coach.